Python Capital

Investing in a decentralized world

About Python Capital

Blockchain is still in its infancy and therefore not well understood by most people. The market is relatively small, inefficient and extremely volatile. It takes specific blockchain knowledge to be able to distinguish one project from another. Through our collective expertise we are able to actively manage a diversified crypto portfolio. Our multidisciplinary team focuses on long-term investments, as we believe in blockchain technology and its potential to transform a large number of enterprise and consumer sectors. We only invest in projects that we truly believe in. This belief is based on the objective analysis we apply to each project we invest in.

Investment Strategy

Our approach

Fundamental Analysis

Many in this space get consumed with project hype and lose sight of the fundamentals. The basics. What problem does it solve? Does it actually require a blockchain? Does the project have true potential for long-term success?

Project Team and Advisors

It's one thing to have a game-changing concept but to see that idea fully realized a great team and experienced advisors must be in place.

Code Analysis

We use in depth code analysis to determine how much progress has been made towards a final product. A project must be more than just a whitepaper, more than a fork of other's work. We look for substance.

Project Metrics

Even with a great idea and team behind it many teams fail before they even start. Project metrics are important. If the numbers don't add up it becomes almost impossible to gain the traction needed to bring a project to success.


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